Thoughtful Garden Design

Most garden projects begin with a design. You can start by using our contact form to give us a feel for your aspirations. We’ll always respond with some initial considerations, including some of the possible costs involved. If we think we’re the right team to help you, we’ll arrange a visit to meet you and see the space.

Listening to you and observing your garden

During the visit we’ll spend time in the garden together. We’ll talk about its quality and character and listen to your ideas and ambitions. We’ll want to know how you intend to use space and the extent to which you can maintain it. It is an opportunity for us to observe the architecture of your home, find out more about its history, geography, aspect, and relationship to its surroundings. All the information we glean will shape the creative direction for the project and the proposals we make to you.

Garden Survey

Once you’re happy we’ve understood your brief, we’ll submit a design fee for your approval before surveying the garden. If the area is straightforward, we will most likely do this ourselves. If there are obstacles, complex shapes, or level changes, we can point you in the direction of a Topographical Surveyor.

Garden Design

A concept design is then developed in consultation with you, giving you the chance to amend the brief or incorporate any subsequent ideas. The fundamental part of the concept design is a site plan presented in CAD that shows layout ideas for the space. This can be supported by mood boards, sketches, perspective renderings and planting palettes as appropriate. We’ll detail exactly what we intend to include in our fee proposal to you.

Collaborating with your Garden Designer or Landscape Architect

For the gardens we design and build ourselves, a concept design includes enough detail to help you visualise the space and help us understand the requirements to build it. There is a threshold for both size and complexity where we would recommend you work with an independent designer to capture additional detail. Whether your work with a Garden Designer or Landscape Architect starts with our suggestion, or you are already working with designer before approaching us, we have a great track record working with other design professionals and are always open to collaborating.

Professional Landscape Gardeners

They approached the delivery of our clients’ garden with care, quality and candour”. As a designer it is important to work with a team who shares a meticulous attention to detail and the ability to problem solve and respond to site. The Garden Landscapers do just this.

Honest and transparent costing

Once the design of your garden is complete, we provide a cost proposal to build the space. We make every effort to ensure the design is possible within your budget. If the cost of our proposal is more than your budget, we work closely with you to help you decide the best way of allocating your spend

We do this by presenting a transparent breakdown of the tasks required to landscape your garden, including their measurement and their cost. Itemising it in this way makes the process of ‘value engineering’ much easier. You can clearly see where your money will be spent, and work with us to amend the proposal so the items that remain are the ones most valuable to you and the space.

Considerate construction

Having approved our proposal, work begins on site in earnest. Along with being skilled makers, we are conscientious people who are respectful of your home and community throughout the garden’s construction. The site will be kept tidy and always organised, we will minimise noise and disturbance as much as possible, and we will deal with problems as they arise.

No hidden costs

You will be kept abreast of progress through regular meetings and made aware of any changes to the schedule of work. If anything is added or removed from our original agreement, the details will be given in writing and any changes in price presented for your approval before we proceed. This way there are no unknowns or hidden extras.

Removing the stress

A positive experience of landscaping a garden plays an important part in shaping its story. As your single point of contact for project management and delivery that covers a full range of services, we will mitigate the stress of a project wherever we can so you can reflect on the process fondly.

Tell us more about your project to see how we can help you

Creative Garden management

Your garden is unlike any other part of your home. It’s a living space that evolves and changes, and not always in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. There are three reasons why our involvement in the growing of your garden is important for you:

Ensuring your garden continues to fulfil your needs

To make sure your garden grows in the way you want it to, we provide creative care that can range from once a week to once a quarter depending on the size of the garden and the tasks we are required to do. In our experience, it is during this phase of their development that we have seen gardens fulfil their potential, where your relationship with your garden flourishes.

Reducing maintenance over time

Our thoughtful approach to naturalistic gardening seeks to understand the habits of individual plants and how they can be grown to complement each other. By producing resilient and stable communities of plants over time, we will reduce maintenance without resorting to the unthinkable compromise of having no plants at all.

Gardening in this way makes your garden less burdensome. It aims to minimise the energy and water that’s required which brings down its ongoing cost to you and the environment. Our approach goes some way to achieving this by the end of your landscaping project, but it is during its formative years that this really becomes possible through our gentle interventions.

Helping you to avoid overwhelm

We wouldn’t expect you to know exactly what your garden needs right away. In our experience, handing over a garden on completion can be a little overwhelming for you. We’ve found that by giving you support from the start, we can take responsibility for its establishment while you enjoy the experience of using your garden, understanding it better with time.

Our garden maintenance service can cover anything from hedge cutting to weeding, most often in gardens that have been professionally designed and landscaped. Get in touch to see how we can reduce the time and energy your garden requires from you, so you can invest it in enjoying the space more.

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